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Foundation Investment Partners


About Us

Foundation Investment Partners is a private equity firm focused on acquiring niche manufacturers, high value added distributors, outsourced business service providers, and niche software developers.† Our operating model focuses on partnering† with the owners or operators of smaller businesses to provide the support, guidance and resources necessary to grow the business.†


Our Approach

Smaller businesses face numerous challenges.† Because of financial constraints, owners cannot always afford the luxury of having a specialist in every position.† Each employee is asked to wear multiple hats and are often stretched thin juggling multiple responsibilities.† It is not always possible to focus on where the business will be in five years because there are customer requests that must be completed today.† Growth might be limited by a lack of capital or concern about taking on debt.

Foundation brings the resources necessary to overcome these obstacles.† We work with business owners to understand both their business and personal needs.† Once we understand these needs, we build a conservative capital structure that provides owners with the cash that they desire while providing adequate capital to support managementís growth objectives.

Value Added Partner

Our senior professionals have decades of experience in working with management teams in meeting their goals.† We work with our management teams in a variety of different ways depending on the situation.

 Assist in evaluating, prioritizing and executing on the businessís opportunities

 Act as an extension of management on projects ranging from strategic sourcing to refining operating metrics on the plant floor††

 Provide the resources and experience necessary to source, execute, finance and integrate add-on acquisitions

 Be there to support the business with advice and capital in good times and in bad


Foundation Investment Partners