We build companies that account for the universal wellbeing of people, recognizing that the cared for and empowered are more likely to outperform.


Foundation Investment Partners is a different kind of private equity investor.

We specialize in acquiring small businesses in specific, niche sectors where our experience and passion give us a real edge.

We embed ourselves into the fabric of the companies we partner with.

Many of these companies face complex business challenges, but we leverage our years of experience and the resources at our disposal to help overcome them.

About Us

Our values, our insight, our execution and our people are what set us apart.

Why Us

We instill in our partners the qualities that drive success, such as resilience, persistence, and urgency, unlocking their full potential and setting them on a new growth trajectory.

Unlike many of our peers, we believe the key to delivering sustainable long-term growth and profitability is curating a culture of satisfaction and motivation.

Partner With Us

We work collaboratively with the companies we invest in, as a trusted partner, advisor, and confidant.


The well-being of people is at the heart of our decision-making process, because the most important resource a company can have is happy, motivated, and empowered employees.

We approach all of our work with humility and an empathetic and compassionate approach to the managers and employees of our companies.


Invest With Us

We invest in sound businesses that need a little help to be something special.

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